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The PR Macaws team has 10+ years of experience in Digital PR and SEO industry. We have worked at both the sides – Agency side and the Brand side. 

Our experts understand the nuances of new age Digital PR and how it impacts the Google SEO. After working with 100+ clients spanning across Large Corporates, Growth-stage Startups and New Businesses, we exactly understand how important is Digital PR for your domain authority and traffic boost.

Digital PR is an emerging niche speciality understood best by people with both SEO and PR outreach expertise. Our team at PR Macaws comes with this exact skills and expertise.

Let’s get in touch and see how you can switch to Digital PR with 5x returns over Traditional PR.

Spoiler Alert: In India you might not find many experts who come with this niche Digital PR expertise.

Enhancing Google SEO Ranks and Brand Visibility via
“Growth Digital PR”

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Explore Growth Digital PR 5x More Value vs Traditional PR