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    How Do Digital PR & SEO Work Together?

    Overall, digital PR not only gets your content top-tier coverage, hundreds of high-quality backlinks, and thousands of social shares. It also raises your SERP ranking by accumulating press mentions and backlinks from high-authority websites, while also making you a more active participant in relevant discussions. Consider a plan that gets you multiple benefits for your team’s effort and time invested in digital marketing, rather than a marketing or SEO strategy focused solely on one-off spammy link building.

    Integrating SEO, PR & Digital Content Marketing Strategies

    If you believe that SEO and PR are incompatible, this digital PR strategy guide is for you. Most businesses invest in costly public relations campaigns without considering SEO. That’s a huge blunder. By creating PR campaigns that also drive your SEO strategy, you can get the best of both worlds with digital PR.

    How Can Digital PR Help Your SEO?

    High-quality backlinks are a ranking signal for Google, which may seem self-evident. Apart from the benefit of direct click-through traffic, earned media links can help your website rank higher in search results.

    While a link is favourable to your website, the large percentage of the benefit comes from the destination URL.  Internal links from promotional pages are used by digital marketers to distribute link and assist other sites rank.

    Second, it’s been suggested that Google is prioritising authoritative, non-link mentions (linkless SEO). While inferred links aren’t quite as good as links, they are more genuine and can have a positive SEO impact.

    What Role Do Press Releases Play in

    The fact that information about a company, brand, or website is highlighted in mainstream media journals is good for awareness, which is why press releases are greatest benefit for SEO. Brand mentions in content that endorses the company are made necessary by press releases.

    Press releases on publishing sites used to have a significant impact on a company’s SEO. It was largely due to the inclusion of outbound links throughout the text.

    These outbound links not only brought new visitors to their websites, but they also demonstrated to Google that they were an authoritative figure in their field. As a result, the search engine would give them higher rankings.

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