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A press release is a brief and compelling announcement officially published by the business, which is issued to the press to be published on significant broadcasting multimedia, digital advertising and other channels. The press release is a press statement, media, or news release.


A press release is done to announce good news about the company to the masses. It contains all the necessary information about the business in an exciting story or journalistic form. It is an authentic source of information as the companies release it through press releases. It is prepared by public relations professionals and sent to the media. It is done on the following occasion:


  • New product
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Product updates 
  • Events 
  • Openings 
  • Partnerships  
  • Rebranding 
  • Executive employee promotion and hiring 
  • Awards
  • Survey and study results 


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You can do press releases to inform the public about significant changes or tie-ups in the business. Here are some of the prime reasons companies do press releases:


  • Advertisement: When a company launches a new product or service, a press release is usually done to get the attention of the media and the masses. The press further broadcast it on their shows hence free advertisement and promotion. Thus, much money is saved on ads, and media channels also get new content.


  • Building media relations: Having good relations with the media personnel is vital for the success and growth of the company. Press releases help build ties between brands and media outlets such as broadcasting channels, magazines, influencers, and newspapers. Maintaining successful relations with the media helps make connections for future content.


  • Reaching potential customers: The wide availability of media outlets throughout the nation makes it an obvious choice for spreading the news immediately. Its wide watchers base makes it a popular choice by companies who want to reach more people. Thus, many brands include press releases in their campaigns to get more customers.


  • Building trust: Press releases about the company help build credibility in the market and establishment. It is an excellent way for new businesses to create brand value and interact with their customers. Through informative press releases and relevant insights about the company, it can build trust with its customers, have become an asset.


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Press releases have changed significantly over the years, and online marketing has taken the upper hand in the market. Yet press releases have not lost their importance. Here are some of the main reasons why press releases are crucial for your business:


  • Announcement of a new product or service: If you plan to announce any new product or service of your brand, you can do a press release. PR would spread the news in minutes on all websites and social media networks. Also, journalists who speak about it boost engagement and reach of the product to newer customers.


  • Improves brand image: Since it is pretty easy to draft press releases, companies can draft as many as they desire. Several press releases are further going to enhance the reputation of the brand. Adding images further increases interest. Nowadays, press releases are a whole package consisting of images, videos and other multimedia, making the press release more attention retaining and worth reading.


  • Instant distribution: Earlier in the scenario, the press release was much different. The companies would send it to particular journalists; if the journalists found the helpful information, it only reached the masses. Otherwise, it just stayed in the file. Now through online press release distribution, it is no more at the mercy of journalists. It can instantly spread to millions through websites, emails and social media posts.


  • Increases general awareness: In the press release, the companies can add other links that would redirect the reader to get more information about their product and further promote their other products.


  • Chances of being viral: There are chances that your press release can become viral if a vast number of people start sharing it, thus creating a buzz that other forms of advertisement would not be able to generate.


  • Portability and convenience: Press releases can be read anywhere from the phone and any other device.


  • Search engine optimisation: While drafting a press release, using specific keywords would increase your chances of being in the top few search results. 


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Public relations is about building and maintaining your brand image. The best way to make this happen is by creating a good media relationship.


Here are the ways a press release agency would help to get publicity in your market:


  • Research: The best way to get the right audience's attention is by finding the media outlet which caters to them. PR agencies would take interviews and gather all the information about your company. They would follow it by finding that niche's media outlets, journalists, podcasters, and influencers. Understanding which media outlet is best for your product helps to get the most out of your investment.


  • Strategic planning: The PR agency builds the right plan for your business after the research. It includes PR goals, pitch angles, editorial calendar with important dates such as product launches, sales, seasonal launches, etc. They would explain all this to your team, so everyone is on the same page.


  • Execution: After approval of the plan, the PR agency would roll out the information through:


  1. Press kits: Assembling press kits that include important dates, logos, information and product specifications. The part where the brand story is shared includes product samples and distributing press releases.
  2. Pitch ideas and execution: Make unique pitches which would grab the attention of journalists, podcasters and media outlets which reach out to your target customers. 
  3. Outreach: Once the pitch is compiled, your agency will directly contact the journalists and outlets per the plan.
  4. Engagement through influencers: PR agencies can also include influencers who are popular in the product's niche and can amplify the reach of the product. 


  • Services: PR agencies provide several benefits apart from creating brand awareness and visibility. They act as a support for the business in everything marketing, sales, branding and much more. Here are some more ways the help you:


  1. Social media management
  2. SEO and social media
  3. Event planning and management
  4. Crisis management
  5. Branding
  6. Award nomination 


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Finding the right PR agency to suit your business requirements is the best way to add value and get the best out of the investment done on the PR team. Here are some of the methods by which PR companies add value to your life:


  • Plan: Planning about your business goals and what you want the PR agency to do and finding a PR agency with expertise in that field.


  • Size of the company: The number of employees doesn't signify how good it is. It is the quality they produce and add to your business. A smaller number of employees have a lesser hierarchy in their work distribution and are thus more efficient. 


  • Network and connections: While choosing the agency, look for their contacts and connections, which they would bring along with the tools and experience. 


  • Experience: The agency you decide to go forward with should have experience in the niche of your business to avoid the unnecessary frustration of repeatedly explaining the work and goals.


  • Avoid clickbait: Before closing the deal, ask who the employees working with you would be. Some companies send senior employees to pitch and secure the deal, then hand over the work to other employees later, which can be a bit disheartening.


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Getting a good PR team is a high ROI. They instil life in your brand. Here are some f how they assist your business:


  • Enhance engagement: Doing a profitable business through the usual word of mouth isn't a good decision. Hiring a PR agency helps create brand engagement and build strategies to execute it in the best possible way. They would work with your team and plan how to curate the content, such as video, images and other project parts to deliver the message.


  • Promotion through media influencers: Getting a PR agency on board brings their expertise, ideas, reputation, and trust to several media influencers. If you are new to the business and aiming to get a hold of it, they have the high-end tools and knowledge to get started, help you build relations and create new opportunities and thus make your mark in the business.


  • Protects the integrity of the brand: Maintaining the image and protecting it is one of the main objectives of the PR agency. They are the first to help the team in any crisis, leaked news, etc. They are prepared with a plan of action beforehand.


  • High ROI: PR agencies are essential for driving your market traffic, leading to new opportunities.partnerships and profit. They also have advanced PR metrics that would help you understand progress beyond engagement rates. They would then adjust the plan and implement changes from time to time throughout the campaign to get the desired results.


  • Improve the performance: The PR team you have collaborated with should feel like an extended arm of your business. They would think of new ways of doing things, give advice and help your team, thereby increasing the overall performance.  


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