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A press release is an official announcement by a company that wants to share notable information related to its recent advancements in business with the media and other parties to generate press coverage. 

These are the key terms:


  • A formal announcement by a business: A traditional method of propagating business news exists. It uses a different format that includes vital details such as date, header, and boilerplate.


  • Sharing newsworthy information related to business development: The news shared in the press release should be noteworthy and interesting enough to catch media attention.


  • To generate press coverage: The primary purpose of press coverage is to promote the business and its latest developments. 

The press release is also a media release, news release, and press statement. It is typically drafted by a company's marketing or PR team and sent to media outlets for broadcasting.

Companies utilise these press releases to promote various news, including the launch of their new products and services, company milestones, future events, official statements, and more.

A press release can help build buzz and hype website traffic when well-written and distributed in the right media outlets.

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Below are the common reasons for a press release:


  • Product announcement: Whenever a company releases new products or services, it releases a press release to inform the world about that product or service.


  • Company announcement: All the vital information that should happen, such as relocation, restructuring, partnerships, and other company updates, are shared via press releases. 


  • Event announcement: If a company has decided to host, sponsor, or attend any event, it releases this news through a press release.


  • Initiative announcement: Before launching any campaign or initiative, a company releases a press release to promote it. For example, a clothing company releases a press release to announce its recent designs.


  • Award announcement: Winning an award boosts the company's value. It generates positive media coverage when companies release a press release about their awards.


  • Employee announcement: Be it news regarding employee promotions or hiring a new executive, one can share this news through the press release.


  • Research announcement: Companies also release a press release to share their latest research and innovations.

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Journalists and media outlets are always on their toes to grab any latest news so they can share it with their audience. Press releases aid them in finding the latest news and facts which are authentic. They see all the information in one place.


Example: A company begins a CSR initiative and wishes to promote this campaign. The company's marketing team drafts a press release and supplies it to media outlets. One of the journalists in the media outlets studies the press release and decides to make an exciting story. The journalist then contacts the company for further information regarding the issue stated in its press release and interviews it. 


After this, the journalist publishes the content on their news website. Like this, the press release carries the information from the company to the news articles.

The press release is vital for marketing due to its cost-effectiveness and ease. In addition, it is a great way to attain maximum media coverage.


Below are more important points:


  • Engages media: The press release attracts journalists and media houses and helps the business reach out to the public. In addition, it allows the company to keep its story in front of the people. Without a press release, it would be difficult for any company to get famous.


  • Builds relationships: A press release acts as a link between companies and journalists, bloggers, and influencers. These relationships are worthy because they ensure that the company gets the proper coverage.


  • Gets the word out: The press release carries the news from inside the company to the outside world so that people can get to know what is cooking inside.


  • Helps manage crisis: Whenever there is controversy, press releases play a crucial role in saving the company from getting into the opposing side.

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The goals are the same for PR and advertising agencies: promoting and creating a successful, honest and exciting portrayal of their clients. But, they both differ in the ways the task is done.

Public relations agencies of traditional and new generation eras circulate these press releases to journalists, editors, and news agencies through online and media outlets.

Before sending out the press releases, the journalists and editors should be selected as influencers. This selection task is as important as the content written in the press release.

Press release distribution distributes press releases about its client's brands to the right target audience. 

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One of the companies' crucial and challenging tasks is choosing the right PR agency to promote and advertise their brand. They must keep in mind the budget and circumstances. They must check how long the PR agency has remained active, its overall experience, client companies, reviews, and more.

Review several of its previous press releases, reviews, and feedback. Also, check whether the press releases are crisp, to-point, and well-written. In addition, check how frequently the agency releases press releases.

The importance of a good press release distribution:

The word opinion leader is a recent hot word. It refers to a person who can leave an impact on the masses through their explanations of social, technological, and cultural trends. Within this scope, journalists, editors, and news agencies play the role of opinion leaders. 

It is the point where companies who are looking to leverage their media profile need to give importance. The higher the number of press releases distributed to various journalists and news outlets, the more the number of people that see them. 

The primary objective of public relations should be to expand the overall coverage zones of a press release. 

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Here are some reasons why you should hire a press release agency:


  1. They will take your brand to the next level: It takes more than word of mouth to build a company's reputation and shine in front of your target audience. A press release agency that has been specialised will be able to assist you in public relations and strategies related to communications. 


The writers at the press release agency work closely with your company to highlight your company and make it stand out from the crowd.


One of the perks of hiring a press release agency is having connections with well-known media, journalists, and influencers. So, your company's reputation will automatically increase. 


Press release agencies know the factors to enhance your company's reputation. It results in overall business growth and marketing goals.


  1. It will save you time and extend your team's capabilities: Workloads in companies are constantly increasing to manage the tasks like engagement, content marketing, and social media handling. 


One can not expertise everything. Hence, help from an external agency facilitates you to focus on other areas. At the same time, the team of press release experts continues to put in their efforts to help your company become popular.


Hiring a PR team is something like extending your core team. It must fit correctly according to your needs. 


The PR team must understand your business model to write the press release in the correct tone and advise you efficiently. It should support you in achieving your goals by writing impactful quotes from your Director, generating a report, and putting out a press release. 

Promoting your company is the primary job of your PR agency. 


  1. Cost-effective: Appointing a PR manager in-house might seem economical. But, it becomes challenging for a single person to manage the tasks meant to be done by the whole PR team. 


The apt agency will help you succeed in your marketing objectives. The advantage of having a team with you is that you still have the whole team, even if one member is on leave.


  1. Increased ROI: Agencies are well versed in getting most of the work done within your budget, tricks to capitalise on timing, and targeting and structuring campaigns. Agencies have a high success rate in their work. They know which things work and should talk about the ideas that aren't that great.


In addition to metrics for media impressions, social engagements, conversion rates, website traffic, etc., a PR agency will give its best to write the ROI from every piece of content they produce. They include marketing content in your business development strategy. 


  1. They protect you in times of crisis: You might feel that it may never happen to you, but even the most prominent companies have suffered the most decisive blows. Being at the centre of unwanted media and public attention must be handled cautiously. 


As a backup, you need to be prepared for the worst happenings ahead of time by hiring a PR agency. They will protect your company by navigating media questions, preparing statements, and training key personnel to face press conferences.

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