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If you find working in public relations or media interesting, you should know what press releases are. A short and informative announcement made by an organisation that is broadcasted or sent for digital advertising and other media channels. 


A press release announces essential news regarding a business, highlighting all the information about the story. It is the official news source, as companies release their primary information through press releases. In addition, public relations experts send press releases to members of the media. The main intention is to invoke the interest of the journalists so that they can create their pieces of work. 


On the following occasions, companies release press releases.


  • New product launches
  • Product updates
  • Events
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Grand openings
  • New partnerships
  • Rebranding
  • Hiring/Executive promotions
  • Survey or study results
  • Awards


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Below are the purposes of a press release:


  1. Advertising: Whenever a company introduces a new product, issuing a press release helps it gain the reporter's attention. As a result, the product gets free advertisement. It is a kind of symbiosis between the news organisation and the companies.


  1. Establishing media relations: Maintaining strong public relations is essential for the success of any business. Press releases create a bridge between companies and media outlets, news agencies, broadcasting channels, newspapers, digital magazines, and social platforms. Strong connections help them streamline their distribution methods of future releases and communication.


  1. Reaching new audiences: The widespread use of media outlets makes distributing press releases beneficial to businesses that want to increase their audience. Online media such as live streams, blogs, and several other ways to reach the right customers. By frequently releasing relevant updates and valuable information, a company can become well-known and gain trust.


  1. Building Credibility: Press releases empower brands to create an image in customers' minds. Building credibility is essential for the new brands to connect to the customers. By frequently delivering helpful information, a company can become well-known and gain people's trust.


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After the rise of online marketing, press releases have evolved over the years. Listed below are the reasons behind the importance of press releases:


  1. Announcing a new product or service: If a new product needs to be announced, you can create a press release and roll it down on all major social media networks and search engines by using a distribution service. It makes your product information reach many journalists.


  1. Improving brand image: It is no more a difficult task to publish a press release. Hence, releasing more press releases is an excellent way to improve your company's image. In addition, press releases infused with multimedia are more exciting ways to convey the news.


  1. Instant worldwide distribution: Earlier, the press releases needed to be sent only to the journalists, and if those journalists failed to accept the press releases, then the press release would never happen. With a single click, press releases can be distributed to millions of people worldwide through social media and email.


  1. Expanding public knowledge: By adding external links related to their products, companies can make their customers know about things apart from their products.


  1. Viral possibilities: If people on social media find the press release interesting, they may start sharing it, creating a buzz in the online world regarding the company.


  1. Portability and convenience: Be it a smartphone or desktop, people can read press releases from comfortable devices.


  1. Search engine optimisation: A press release could be optimised for better search engine results by using specific keywords suitable to the project.


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Public relations is all about moulding the public's perception of a business and taking care of its reputation. Below are the tasks that a PR agency does:


  1. A lot of research: Identifying the good media outlets that reach the target audience is key to good public relations. PR agencies will interview the companies to learn about their business strategies. Once they know about the strategy, they will research the right journalists, media outlets, and podcast hosts who have worked with similar brands. Understanding the media that covers the brands related to your business filters out the journalists that do not want to take your products.


  1. Create a strategic plan: Once the research is complete, the PR agency will knit a strategic plan to thrust your business goals. It will include PR goals, pitch angles, and an editorial calendar of special dates such as seasonal occasions and product launches. Also, the way the plan will be executed will be included.


  1. Execute the plan: After you approve the plans, the PR agency will start deploying them. It includes: Assembling press kits: Press kits have the company's story and information such as event dates, product logos, photos, and bios of key leaders. 


  1. Crafting unique pitches: Your agency will design unique pitches that catch the attention of journalists and other influencers that reach your target market. If the pitch design is more intriguing and less general, it yields better chances of getting featured in a media outlet.


  1. Outreach: After designing the pitches, your agency will contact journalists and outlets by email or by meeting them in person.


  1. Engaging influencers: PR agencies can be used to find and manage influencers who make your brand visible, including negotiating contracts.


Beyond the visible things, PR agencies provide a spectrum of services:


  1. Social media management
  2. SEO and social media
  3. Event management
  4. Branding
  5. Crisis management
  6. Award nominations


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With so many PR agencies out there, it can be overwhelming to select the right one for your business needs. Below are the 7 crucial factors to be noted while screening potential agencies:


  1. Plan and prepare: Your first step should be deciding your business goals and objectives. Whether it is brand awareness, launching a new product, or getting established as an essential thought leader, determining your goals helps shorten the search and get the right expertise and capabilities.


  1. Size does matter: Bigger does not always imply better. While large firms have more excellent resources and workforce, on the other hand, smaller agencies handle the staff with a nimble and flexible team that is easy to adapt to quick changes. It means a lot of time is saved, resources, and transparency. Therefore, identifying an agency with the correct size and fit for the brand is essential. 


  1. Avoid a bait-and-switch: Pay attention when the agency team pitches. Ensure there is transparency. Make sure the team that pitches remain the same after the business gets firmed. Clarify which team will develop and execute the campaign to avoid unpleasant surprises. 


  1. Making connections: When an agency is hired, its valuable contacts and connections also come with it. Ensure the agency has the right people and media in its connection list. Besides making the process faster, your business leverages those relationships.


  1. Area of expertise: An unsaid rule is that when an agency is hired, it should understand your industry and the basics of your field. Explaining the concepts is a frustrating task. So it is better to choose a sector with previous experience in your industry. They should sprinkle some magic on the work and should be able to explain the technical jargon in a more straightforward form, and should make the boring topics seem interesting.


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Below are the reasons to hire a press release agency: 


  1. Elevate your brand to the next level: If you are a startup or an established company that's launching new products, rebranding, or seeking general awareness, your PR team will be the experts in strategising the best plan because just word of mouth is not enough. They'll work closely with the team to decide the right messaging, content, and other vital project chunks. 


  1. Promote your brand's message to media influencers: When you hire a PR firm, along with gaining new ideas, expertise, and varied backgrounds, you are achieving people with long relationships with reputable people in the media and some other influencers. If you want to break into a new market, the PR agency still has the tools and knowledge of how to start and maintain new relations and opportunities to tell the brand story and fit into prominent trends.


  1. Protect the integrity of your brand and its assets: Team's responsibility is to maintain and protect the brand. They'll help prepare for a crisis plan well before something unexpected happens. In addition, they'll help to navigate the media's questions in case of some sensitive news leaks.


  1. Offer a unique perspective on ROI for your business: Public relations is a key to a thriving market and a tool for driving traffic, which can open possibilities for new business prospects. It may include social activity, conversion rates, and website traffic. Along with generating reports, they will analyse the results to continue the campaign.


  1. Extend your team's capabilities: When you hire a PR, it should feel like the extension of your team. There should be weekly calls and brainstorms. Hear from your team consistently about new ideas and media opportunities.


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