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A press release is an official announcement by any business to share news and information about upcoming business changes. It plans for the media and other interested parties to get press coverage and send the message to the masses.


One can further break down the definition of the press release into simpler terms: 


  • The business makes a formal announcement. The press release consists of official business news shared by the company. It provides all the required information, such as dateline, header and boilerplate.


  • The information should be enough to be shown to thousands and lakhs of people in the news. Hence, it should be newsworthy and get the watchers' attention.


  • Distributing it to the media and other interested parties: The press release is sent to the media and other interested parties who would get affected by the new announcement. 


  • Generation of press coverage: The primary purpose of a press release is to get media attention to the business and convey new changes related to recent product launches, information about the company, etc.


A press release is a media release, news release or statement. These statements are usually well-planned and prepared by the marketing or public relations team. After preparing it, it is sent to the media houses and the public through newspapers, magazines, radio stations, televisions, websites, etc. 


The press releases help spread the word about the new changes in the business, the launch of new products or services, the company's achievements, events, awards, official statements, etc. In addition, a well-drafted press release can help get the public's attention, generate interest and enhance website engagement.

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Press releases mainly inform and create buzz about new products or services. Here are some of the most common reasons for doing a press release by companies: 


  • Product announcement: When a company introduces a new product, it will release a press media to generate coverage and help attract the attention of the customers and famous journalists to the product.


  • Company announcement: Details about changes in the structure, location, new members or partnerships, financial news and other important information are shared through official press releases. 


  • Event announcement: If a company is hosting, attending or partnering with any other company or event, they may do a press release to create awareness about it.


  • Initiative announcement: A company may start an initiative or campaign and do a press release to create interest among the public. For example, a clothing brand may start an initiative for sustainable fashion. 


  • Award announcements: A company can do a press release on winning an award. It has a positive impact and enhances brand trust among consumers. Hence, a press release after winning awards would be a great option.


  • Employees announcement: Hiring new employees at executive positions or promoting existing employees can also be shared through press releases.


  • Research announcement: Accompany can convey and release its new study research and findings.

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The media is always searching for exciting and catchy stories or news to share with the public. Press releases are a great way of providing this information to the media in one place. It works by the company generating a press release conveyed to the media through the journalists. Then, they write articles and publish them on their websites for more promotion. Hence, a press release goes a long way in spreading information about the new products. 

In the online era, digital marketing is a popular way, but press releases still hold a place. It is a cost-effective and straightforward way of getting media coverage through television and media personnel.

A press release is a means to spread information through journalists and media professionals. The company's message and story are conveyed through the media to the consumers, who get to know how it works, what goes on behind the product and so on. Further, other writers would publish articles on it, boosting engagement. Without a press release, the company would have to depend on its network to spread the information.

You can use a press release to build relationships with influencers, bloggers, journalists, etc. It is helpful as it helps to create more impact through their follower base. A press release is a great way to give details about your company to the consumers. Also, it is a great way to control the story in certain critical cases. They can avoid negative impacts from the situation by doing a press release before the other side to let their story out first.

PR agencies and advertising agencies work on the principle of promoting their clients, creating an impression of them as successful, honest, better, exciting and the most appropriate fit. The methods involved in creating the impression are numerous. For example, people have the impression that television advertisements are paid for. Hence they are viewed with scepticism. However, articles or TV appearances in reputed publications and shows have a better impact as a third party approves it.


Public relations agencies work by giving press releases to journalists, news editors and media agencies. The press release is also shared with digital and print media outlets.


While sending the press release, the distribution centres tend to select famous editors and journalists as popular influencers. Hence, the distribution service and the influences chosen are equally important as the content and quality.

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An important step while writing a press release is choosing the right PR agency to spread the news. The first thing to consider about the PR agency is their duration in the business, the overall quality and experience of the staff, their history of clients and their success in their work.


Thus, while considering a PR agency, review the last few press releases and their respective feedback report samples. You should also check the kinds of press releases designed by them. It would be short, crisp, well structured and concise. In addition, the agency should regularly post new press releases which show their potential and growth in their business value.


The word 'opinion leader' defines a person whose opinions and words influence the readers or followers. Public relations and advertising aim to get the information conveyed by famous, influential figures to increase engagement. These opinion leaders are primarily journalists, editors, news directors, columnists, etc., who have a broad reader base following. Hence, for those businesses which are looking forward to boosting their market value and sales, with the help of a good press release agency, you can make a difference in your business. 


The more journalists and media companies the agency delivers the press releases to, the more people will get to know about it. The prime objective of the agency is to maximise the coverage zone of press releases; hence it can reach audiences far and wide.


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While looking to hire a PR agency team, they must have the following attributes:


  • Brand value: When multiple brands have similar products and services, word of mouth is not an effective way to promote business. A PR team would help you to get in front of the right audience, assist in the stages of PR and build communication between your business and the customers. Hence, the right message and brand story are conveyed to the customers.


The PR agency would not only help in idea generation and improvisations. In addition, their contacts with influencers would help connect with the right audience.


  • Saves time and improves efficiency: The workload of everyday business is a lot to handle, and any extra duty can significantly decrease the teams' efficiency. A press release requires hours of work in the proper content generation. The PR team you work with is like an extended portion which would give you enough time to concentrate on other business aspects while taking care of this. The team should fit right with your PR agency such that they can understand the process thoroughly and give the right tone to your story. The PR team will be responsible for making the brand look exciting and engaging.


  • Budget-friendly: While looking for public relations, a PR manager would be more cost-effective, but they might lack the expertise a team brings to the table. The PR agencies would work to give designated rules for a fee. They have access to the right tools, which otherwise are expensive.


  • Increased ROI: The agencies know how to give you the maximum ROI for the fees they take. They provide metrics, media impressions, conversion rates, website traffic, etc. Besides the metrics, they also help you plan each step from content to marketing and business development, thus giving you the utmost out of your business.  


  • Helps in critical times: The business might start getting backlashes or opposing views. In such moments, a strong PR team would deal with the blowing waves of unwanted attention and shield the company. They help to plan such scenarios. They plan and prepare statements to be given to the media in such cases.

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