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Simply put, a press release refers to a formal announcement that a business makes to share information regarding the latest business developments with the media. The data is shared with the media and other interested parties for press coverage. It leads to a company gaining public attention.


In the description mentioned above, there are some points to pick from.


  • A formal announcement by a business: In a press release, business news is shared formally and professionally by communicating with media outlets and concerned parties. A specified format is used for it. The format includes many vital details like the header, dateline and boilerplate.


  • Sharing newsworthy information relating to business development: The press release must contain information that can get the media's attention and make it to the news.


Sending it to media and other interested parties: The press release is disseminated to interested media outlets, personnel and other parties. The receivers are deemed to be interested in working on the news with relevance.


  • Aiming to generate press coverage: A press release aims to help the business receive the desired media coverage. This way, a company can promote itself and the developments that it is working on.


 A press release can also be called a media release, press statement or news release. Sent to media outlets, such as newspapers, radio stations, websites, magazines and television stations, a press release is usually released by a company's public relations or marketing team.


Can these press releases be used? Yes! A company can promote its products or services. In addition, company milestones, official statements, awards, events etc., can be announced through a press release.


A press release, written well and distributed to the right media outlets, can help generate leads, drive website traffic and create buzz. 


A press release has many uses. First, a company should be able to understand the potential of its promotional capabilities and must use them in the best way possible. This way, a business can promote itself well and represent itself in the media and the common masses.


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It is time to understand why a business should conduct a press release. There are many reasons why companies lead press releases and use them as ways for promotion. Some reasons are:


  • Product announcement: To generate buzz around a product's launch and get excellent media coverage, a company goes for a press release. This way, it can achieve what it desires.


  • Company announcement: Companies announce significant updates in their structures, partnerships with individuals and groups, relocation, financial news and other updates that are considered essential. For this purpose, a press release is preferred for any company.


  • Event announcement: Companies tend to announce their roles in events to promote the event. If a company is hosting, attending, or sponsoring an event, it announces that in a press release. This way, the event can get more attendance through its promotion in the media.


  • Initiative announcement: Companies launch their initiatives and campaigns. These initiatives need promotions. CSR initiatives are also promoted with the help of press releases. A straightforward example is a clothing brand looking to boost its sustainable fashion collection. This way, a press release can be of great help.


  • Award announcement: Awards are essential in building the image of a business. With awards comes credibility. It is where a business can generate positive media coverage. So companies release press releases when they win awards.


  • Employee announcement: Employee promotions and a new executive's appointment can also be announced publicly. It is another use of a press release.


  • Research announcement: Companies often share their study findings and the latest research to make their presence felt. It is where a press release can help the company get the media's attention.


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There are journalists, media outlets and media professionals searching for exciting news for their respective audiences. Press releases often serve them well. A good press release is capable of providing them with content. So while your business gets promoted, the media outlet or journalist can find the news worth the audience's knowledge. 


For example, we should consider this scenario:


  • A company launches its own CSR initiative. Now it wishes to promote it. 


  • The company's marketing team is thinking of creating a press release. It makes a press release about the initiative and disseminates it to journalists, media outlets and other media professionals who can find it relevant.


  • After reading the press release, a journalist thinks of it as a good story about the initiative.


  • The journalist contacts the company for more information and ends up interviewing.


  • With the information they could get and the interview, the journalist wrote an article about the CSR initiative. This article then gets published on a website.


  • This way, there is awareness about the company and its initiative. In addition, it leads to the company building its brand equity.


  • And all of it is entirely free.


Even though the modern world focuses on digital marketing, press releases still have relevance. As it is an easy and cost-efficient way to help a company get media coverage, a press release is an essential asset for any company.


  • Engages media: As the press release is distributed to journalists and media outlets, it is an excellent way for your company to reach out to them. You can get your work done without relying on a bunch of contacts to get a story released in the media.


  • Builds relationships: There are bloggers, journalists, influencers and other media professionals who can also help you get great reach in your future projects. Building good relationships is necessary as this is where you can work with all these professionals long-term.


This way, you can generate excellent media coverage for a company, its products, events or services. The target audience develops an interest in the cases with great promotion. This way, press releases help get great reach.


  • Helps manage crisis effectively: A press release can help your company control a story that might be unfavourable for the company or its reputation. Media coverage can get out of control. But a press release can help you manage the account and save the business's reputation.


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The goals of a PR agency and an advertising agency are almost the same. Broadly, the plans boost the client and its image as honest, exciting, meaningful, relevant or successful as possible. Where does the difference lie? In the paths to reach the goals. Many people tend to view advertising suspiciously as the client pays for it. The advantage of receiving third-party validation is that articles or TV appearances in respected publications. It usually gives them a decent reputation.


Be it a traditional public relation agency or a new-generation one; it circulates press releases to news agencies, journalists, editors and media professionals, and print media and online outlets.


The first step in the process of a press release's dissemination is a selection of 'influencers'. Here the importance of who receives the press release equals that of a well-written press release.


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Finding a good PR agency can take time and effort. But keep some things in mind. First, one must consider the following items concerning the budget and circumstances.


The first thing to consider is the company's experience, staff experience, previous clients and their reviews. So it is good to go for a past press release review, along with samples and feedback. Concise and frequent press releases on the company's corporate website are favourable signs.


Now, what about the distribution of press releases? A new and popular part of the lexicon is the phrase-’opinion leader'. The best explanation for it is a person with the power to explain novel social, technological or cultural trends to the masses.


In public relations and advertising, journalists, news directors, editors, and columnists act as opinion leaders. For business promotion, good press release distribution services are needed. It is a way recommended to bring a good number of potential consumers.


This way, you can ensure the best PR agency in Kolkata for your purpose. With the help of such factors, you can select the ideal one, even from the top PR agencies in Kolkata. Now that we know about differentiating PR firms in Kolkata, another important concept is left. So make sure to learn more about PR companies in Kolkata in the coming question.

Now comes the time to convince you about the need for a PR agency for your task. Why do you need an agency? Let us explore some reasons.


  1. They will take your brand to the next level


As word of mouth is not enough to do the job, a specialist PR agency's importance in the PR and communication strategy area becomes even more critical. A company needs to have a PR agency's support because it can provide the right content and tone for the message. With an agency's partnership, you'll be able to receive new ideas and have good outreach to the media and groups of journalists. This way, you can utilise the energy where it needs to be used. This way, the business can achieve good marketing.


  1. It saves time and extends the team's capabilities


A lot needs to be done in marketing daily, and as there are only a limited number of hours a day, an external agency can be the hours needed for promotions and marketing. But, simultaneously, you focus on the business' other aspects.


One should bring a PR agency into the plan like it is a team. An agency needs to understand you and your aims well. For it, the agency must know you and your company well. The right PR firm is an excellent asset for the brand's consistent and authentic presentation.


  1. Cost-effectiveness


Even though hiring a single PR manager can sound cost-effective, a team has a lot of experience and connections. You can even exceed your objectives with a group. Even if one member is on holiday or is sick, your work will stay on track. More creative ideas with a lot of variety can be there. They also bring tools that cost more than the agency fees.


  1. Increased ROI


Another pro that comes with an agency is that it helps you write everything so that ROI can be used to promote the client. It also includes the integration of marketing content into the strategy. This way, the senior management team can also see the demonstration of how successful the system is.


  1. Protection in times of crisis


A company is tested at its most challenging when there is a crisis. As news can go out of control, it is essential to know ways to calm it down. To help the companies retain their place and control the situation, a PR agency can help create a PR plan for times like these. They can also help critical personnel learn how to navigate questions.


With these many advantages and purposes of an agency, one can contact a PR agency in Kolkata. These reasons clearly show why PR companies in Kolkata can help provide the marketing assistance a company needs. As there are many PR firms in Kolkata, you need to take the initiative and commence the assisted promotion and marketing process. So what are you waiting for? Contact the best PR agency in Kolkata for your task. Looking for PR firms in Kolkata? Book an appointment now at PR Macaw. 


Now that the mini guide is complete, you should feel capable enough to approach a PR agency in Kolkata for your task. As this guide covers the basics you need to know to deal with PR companies in Kolkata, make sure to use all of it to the fullest. A PR company in Kolkata can be of great help to your marketing campaign. So don't wait, and make sure to use what you have understood about the PR company in Kolkata.

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