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The press release generates press coverage, and businesses share the newsworthy information. It is the basic idea of a press release.

We get four key phrases to focus on.

  • A formal announcement made by a business

A press release demands professional and formal communication of business news done with a specified format.


  • Sharing newsworthy information relating to business development

The information in a press release is catchy enough to get the media’s attention.


  • Sending it to media and other interested parties

The media and other interested parties get the distribution of the press release.


  • Aiming to generate press coverage

Involving the previously mentioned points and considering a press release, the primary purpose of a press release is generating media coverage for promoting a business and its developments.

Radio stations, magazines, TV stations, newspapers and websites receive press releases from a company’s marketing or public relations team. A press release can also be a press statement, media, or news.

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There need to be some reasons for an activity as formal and as professional as a press release. Considering how a company does it, You must know these reasons. Out of the many reasons, the most common ones are:

  • Product announcement

In the era of innovation, product announcements need to be as professional and grand as possible. With the markets being extremely competitive, launching products and announcing their release is extremely necessary. You can hire a PR agency anywhere to advertise products. Therefore, it is essential to use a press release effectively. 

  • Company Announcement


If a company has gone through a significant reform or has taken an important decision, mainly structural, it is essential to have a press release. A press release aims to convey the message to the media or concerned outsiders. It is where the companies can use it to convey the message of restructuring, new partnerships, news related to finance or any other company updates. So, contact a press release agency if your company needs to announce an important thing.

  • Event announcement

As we mentioned in the point of product announcement, the purpose of a press release can be the creation of buzz. You can use the same for the announcement of events. 

  • Initiative announcement

A company can have its campaigns or initiatives. As these initiatives often play a crucial role in attracting attention towards the company and its products, it is necessary to make it all heard through press releases and other modes of announcement. In addition, CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) based initiatives also get enough attention through these promotional pushes.

  • Award announcement

Achievements create a positive image of a company and its employees. Companies often highlight awards and other achievements to gain positive responses and a healthy audience for themselves. In addition, the use of press releases helps them get positive media coverage and build decent credibility.

  • Research announcement

Companies must release regular notifications of developments to make the presence felt. Such research announcements and the latest findings are also advertised.

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As we know what a press release is and what are the various reasons to go for press releases, it is time to understand its mechanism. For some reason, the idea of a press release must not be just taken as a definition. The significance of the whole mechanism is what leads to one knowing it well.

As journalists and other media elements are always searching for news and updates, press releases provide them with the material they need.

The procedure for a press release’s buzz creation works the following way:

  • A company starts an initiative and wants to get media coverage for promotional purposes. 
  • It creates a press release about the initiative. The press release then gets distributed to the media. The focus is on distributing it to relevant outlets.
  • A journalist searching for news comes across a press release at an outlet. The conclusion of writing a story about it is reached.
  • The journalist contacts the company to get more information about the initiative. An interview is also sought.
  • After the interview, the journalist writes an article about the initiative and publishes it on a website or another social platform.
  • This way, the company promotes its initiative for free.

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You can summarise the importance of a press release in the following points: 


  • Engages media

A press release does its essential task well as a way to engage the media. One can reach reputed media outlets and professionals with ease. With the help of a press release, a business can easily target the concerned media outlet. It boosts the pace of the whole traditional promotional process that a company would have to go through. 


  • Build relationships

More than just one-time use of media outlets, a business needs to maintain good terms with them for longer. There are outlets, bloggers, journalists and other influencers. These elements of the media are indispensable for the outreach-gaining process. Not only do they provide one-time reach, but they also provide longer and warmer relationships for future promotions.


  • Helps manage crisis effectively.

Companies go through crises. A phase full of one hundred percent goodness cannot be granted. It is where a press release comes in handy. As negative stories about a company can circulate, the need to counter them with positive versions is dire. A press release can help desirably control the narrative.

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PR agencies and advertising agencies work on the principle of promoting their clients, creating an impression of them as successful, honest, better, exciting and the most appropriate fit. The methods involved in creating the impression are numerous. For example, people have the impression that television advertisements are paid for. Hence they are viewed with scepticism. However, articles or TV appearances in reputed publications and shows have a better impact as a third party approves it.


Public relations agencies work by giving press releases to journalists, news editors and media agencies. The press release is also shared with digital and print media outlets.


While sending the press release, the distribution centres tend to select famous editors and journalists as popular influencers. Hence, the distribution service and the influences chosen are equally important as the content and quality.

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There are several things to consider the first time you think of working with a PR company- how long has the company been active in the sector, the overall experience its staff possesses, the companies it has worked with before, and the reviews of its previous clients about it. First, however, it is the point for us to start.


Therefore, You must review recent feedback report samples and a number of the agency’s past press releases while considering a press release distribution agency or PR agency for press releases. Checking the conciseness and You should also consider the content quality of press releases. Another thing to be considered is the frequency of new press releases on its corporate website.


A phrase relatively new to many is ‘opinion leader’. Straightforwardly, an opinion leader is someone who can explain a novel social, cultural or technological trend to the masses. This way, an opinion leader can influence and direct the groups based on the explanation they offer. It is both a psychological and a cultural term.


The journalists, editors, news directors and columnists enjoy the role of the opinion leader in the domain of public relations and advertising. Those with a vast readership are indeed considered among the opinion leaders. 


The more the journalists and news outlets the service disseminates its press releases to, the more will be the reach of the message. The primary objective of the whole act is to expand the press release’s overall coverage. It will end up with more and more potential consumers coming across it and the client.


With the above circumstances, you can choose the ideal digital PR agency in Mumbai. By selecting the one for your work out of the top PR agencies in Mumbai, you can ensure that all you aim for is achieved perfectly. After choosing from the best PR agencies in Mumbai, let us move to the next point.

Here is the time to discuss why your business needs a press release agency.


  1. They will take your brand to the next level.

To build a brand and to promote it at a significant level is all upon a professional level of promotion. A PR agency must make a reputation in front of the target audience. A specialist agency in the world of PR can help with communication and PR. It becomes possible when the agency works with the client’s team to decide and spread the right content with the right tone and messaging. A good and well-designed press release can give your brand a good grip in the state. A good PR agency can guide your energy effectively in the required zones. It ends up contributing to the overall business and marketing goals.


  1. It will save you time and extend your team’s capabilities.

As the marketing domain is regularly growing and with you responsible for engagement between candidate and client, from social media marketing to media coverage, you have only a limited time to work. As “Jack of all, master of none” puts it perfectly, mastering everything is impossible. It is where an external agency can lend a helping hand. You can focus on other areas while a team of dedicated and experienced professionals will be committed to helping you reach the objective that you have set.

  • It is cost-effective

You can achieve or even exceed the desired marketing objectives within a decided budget and with a discussion fee. With an entire account team, the work will not have to suffer a kick even if a member is on leave or is unwell. While brainstorming and trying to come up with new ideas, you can get many new perspectives and ideas. All of it comes with the PR team.

And as if that was not enough, a dedicated PR team can bring you the right tools for administering your activities. But, unfortunately, these tools often cost more than the whole agency fees. So it is a big yes to cost effectiveness when it comes down to marketing.

  • Increased ROI

Although some of the essential works of a PR agency are providing metrics for media impressions, website traffic, rates of conversion, social engagements, etc., do not let that bit limit you there. The agencies know how to get the best ROI from every bit of content. The package also includes integrating marketing content into the business development strategy. Therefore, it can come in handy when the time comes to demonstrate it all to the senior management team.


  1. They protect you in times of crisis.

Although many hope, the idea of a business impregnable in taking blows does not exist. There can be conditions of crises. It is wise to deal with these conditions proactively, smartly and correctly. As all of it cannot be handled by you and your company’s team perfectly, the PR team can come to the rescue. The unit can prepare a crisis PR plan. It acts like the saviour in the worst cases. As their domain involves media, it is their skill to deal with them. This way, they can tackle the questions from the press, prepare statements to be delivered in certain situations and train the key personnel with the required bits of media training.

In these ways, a PR team can significantly help you. The idea of partnering with the top PR agencies in Mumbai can be good in many cases. Your business can see a good rise. With the ways of a great digital PR agency in Mumbai, it can indeed be possible for one to achieve the marketing goals set earlier. Now that we know about the best PR agencies in Mumbai, it is time for us to conclude.

With the help of this mini guide, you will have a great time dealing with top PR agencies in Mumbai. However, if not well versed in the basics, a person can be in a difficult situation dealing with a digital PR agency in Mumbai. So make sure to keep the points mentioned above as you go on the path of marketing your business with the best PR agencies in Mumbai or anywhere else. Looking for one of the top PR companies in Mumbai? Then PR Macaw is the right choice for you. It is one of the top PR agencies in Mumbai.

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