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A press release is an official announcement done on behalf of the company through media channels and publications. It is done to deliver specific information about the company, such as a product launch, planned event, partnerships, etc., which the company wants the customers to know about.


The best way to reach out to the maximum number of people is through media channels. It helps in faster spreading of the message through the broad audience base and hence create the buzz the company targets.


A press release is a piece of newsworthy information broadcasted on news channels. It is a part of the marketing strategy but is precisely prepared, inserting information to garner the attention of the masses. It is ready with quotations and statistics about the product with a striking headline.


The press release aims to get the media's attention on their product or services, convey information, and create a buzz about the company. If you are searching for a PR agency in Ranchi, you can look up the popular PR agency Ranchi online or contact us at PR Macaw. We are one of the most famous PR agencies in Ranchi, with a high reputation in the industry. We have been consistently striving to achieve the targets and beyond them to help you achieve your dream level. Hence, you can contact us at PR Macaw and end your search for the PR agency Ranchi.

After understanding what a press release is and how it serves your business, you might want to know how to use it better and differentiate it from other social media campaigns. Here are some of the reasons why companies draft a well-crafted press release to media outlets:


  • Builds trust: The press releases are done through journalists who have huge fans following themselves. Their word of mouth builds credibility about your brand, and people are assured that it is the right product or service. A well-written press release would also strengthen your company's bond with the journalist. Hence, the chances of your press release being picked up by them would increase, thereby increasing the reach.


You can also keep a portfolio of content on your website for your existing and future customers to see. 


  • Enhance SEO performance: While preparing the press release, you can add specific keywords and links of related products to your website. Hence, it is also acting as content for your business. Higher and better SEO would result in a higher ranking in the searches, increasing the footfall and impression of your website. 


  • Announcements: Press releases are a perfect option if you want to create curiosity and excitement among the audience about your upcoming product. Press releases are used for the announcement of :


  1. Upcoming sales and events
  2. Product launch 
  3. Management changes 
  4. Surveys and study results
  5. Financial growth and news
  6. Branding of new products and rebranding of others 
  7. New strategies and plans


The primary distinguishing factor between a press release and a marketing advertisement is that press releases focus on important content. Therefore, while preparing it, think of the topic and question yourself if you want to read something.


  • Content: The press release is also a website and social media content source. The press release consists of statistics, information and catchy lines that can be broken and used in the form of posts. For instance, a part of the press release can be picked up and used in the following:


  1. Blogs giving more information about the topic
  2. Social media posts
  3. Slideshow for presentation


You can organise all your press releases in a single portfolio on your website if you want. It can help boost SEO and prove your company's value to customers and journalists.


  • Create momentum: One of the main reasons for doing a press release is that they create a story for your brand. As they are present in a portfolio on your website, it shows the launch and progress of your products and growth in general. If press releases are done regularly, it shows that the business is moving ahead. It is a way of communicating to your customers, managers, and potential partners about the growth and journey of your business. It is also a way of assessing the growth and development of your organisation. 


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Press releases have been in the market for several years now. It is one of the first things that comes to the brands' minds while planning their PR strategy. It must be drafted in the most precise and concise manner. A good press release would leave a long-lasting impression, while an improperly written press release can hamper your growth and business. It can create a bad image in the eyes of the journalists who would avoid future relations with your company. Hence your press release should have an eye-catching headline, well-defined content, images, graphics and required information. You can do for press releases:


  • Product launch: A new product can attract the eyes of potential customers. The press release should contain all the product specifications, piercings, availability, options, etc., which the customer would need while checking the product. 


  • Merger and acquisitions: A change in the management pattern and organisation can attract stakeholders and investors. The press release should have all the related information; the changes brought in, details on merger and acquisition, point of view of the leaders, etc.


  • Product updates: Just like a new product launch, an update in the existing product can also attract customers. The press release should have all the information about why the product has been updated, changed, advantages, etc.


  • Events: A crucial part of marketing is to host events and involve media outlets and popular journalists. In the press release, add the details of the event, the purpose of the event, the date and venue, who should visit, etc.


  • Partnerships: It is beneficial for both parties to be involved in a press release in case of partnerships. It creates awareness about the company. Please include the reason for the partnership, how it would add value to the business and further details for the existing stakeholders.


  • Rebranding: Rebranding can be done with a grand announcement with details of the changes, advantages of the update, reason for bringing the change, date of the event, quotes from the top leaders about the rebranding etc.


  • Executives hiring/promotion: The important leadership positions represent the organisation. It helps maintain and enhance the company's reputation in the market. 


  • Awards: Awards and milestones achieved go a long way in building the brand's credibility. It should include information about the company and distinguishing factors which sets them apart.


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A public relations agency is a professional organisation which works to manage the image of the company in public on behalf of the client. They work by spreading the message through non-personal forms such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, for which the organisation gets free of cost.


A PR agency is a business wing that gives a third person's perspective to the company. It includes businesses, corporations, non-profit organisations and government companies. When a company boards a new client, three is an initial internal cost by the PR agency. PR firms tend to make an Agency of Record (AOR) with their clients. It is a contract made with the client for a fixed time, containing all the details about the fees, ownership and rights and clauses for termination of the deal. It is known as project work when the PR agency does work without drafting a contract. The projects are managed and priced as per the work required.

Finding a PR team that fits the business requirements is a tough job. However, here are some factors which you should consider while shortlisting the PR team for your company:


  • Expertise in your industry: The right PR team should have experience in the niche of your business. It would save up all the effort of explaining the details about the company's requirements. An experienced PR team would bring in their lessons, contacts in the industry and experience along with their advanced tools making the business level up in the overall aspect.


  • Clarity: The PR team you work with should give you precise numbers and details without hesitation. You should consider another PR team if they are not talking clearly about the fees and value. 


  • Targets: The PR team should be able to show results as quickly as possible. They should have a target of reaching specific numbers and can achieve it in weeks, not months, to prove their capability. The PR team is working for your company and bringing in their knowledge. Keep sure to maintain defined boundaries.


PR Macaw helps you enhance your engagement and impression rates, thus reaching a newer audience. You can contact our PR agency Ranchi for all the details. With our expertise as a PR agency in Ranchi,  we aim to help you maximise your profits.

The decision to hire a PR agency depends entirely on the requirements of your business. However, here are some of the goals and ways a company can achieve by bringing in a dynamic PR team: 


  • Media: A PR team brings in their expertise and connections with popular media outlets. Journalists then broadcast the press release. Journalists are searching for high-quality articles, and PR agencies help bridge the gap.


  • Strategic communication: The ideal time to get in touch with a PR team is to achieve targets you have been trying to hit for a long time. PR teams help craft well-defined press releases and strategies to target the right audience. If you are new in the market and want to get a foothold, get in touch with a PR team who would be of great assistance in helping you build community and media relations.


  • Social media communication: If you are looking for ways to enhance your social media game, you can get in touch with a PR team with expertise in social media building. They would be instrumental in designing campaigns and bringing connections to leverage your social media.


  • Crisis management: There are cases where a company can fall into bad publicity, which can affect its brand value severely. A PR team is always ready with a backup plan and protects the business from negative publicity.


 After knowing how a PR team is helpful, you can look for a top  PR agency in Ranchi. Contact us at PR Macaw for all kinds of PR writing, brand management, etc. We are one the best PR agency Ranchi and have achieved this because of our high-quality services and growth in our clients' businesses. So worry no more and contact us now for all public relations services.

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